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Fishing Tackle For Bass Fishing Including Bass Fishing Rods, Bass Fishing Reels And Bass Fishing Lures
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Bass Fishing Tackle For Sale Online. Thank you for visiting Flatbellies fishing lures we specialize in bass fishing baits and striped bass fishing lures.

Our hand poured lures, hand poured worms & hand poured shad baits are well received by rock fishermen and angling women through out Maryland & Virginia's Chesapeake Bay Region.

Flatbellies Fishing Lures have been fished by largemouth bass anglers & striped bass fisherman on the East Coast and beyond for over 13 years and counting!

Flatbellies hand poured shad bodies can be purchased in bulk and wholesale 6 inch white shad, 6 inch chartreuse shad, 6 inch chartreuse shad with silver glitter in 100 count, 400 count and 1000 count lots are available and / or if you would like 1- 99 count MAIL US YOUR SHAD ORDER REQUEST.

Flatbellies hand poured shad baits can also be bought in 9 inch white shad, 9 inch chartreuse shad and 9 inch chartreuse shad with silver flake in bulk or wholesale lots

If you own a bait & tackle shop, online fishing tackle shop, online bait store, fishing charter service or would like to become one of Flatbellies fishing lures distributors drop us a line.

For your online shopping convenience bass anglers can also find New 2012 bass fishing tackle , bass fishing rods, bass fishing reels, bass fishing gear, bass fishing accessories, bass fishing equipment, bass fishing lures, and bass fishing supplies from online fishing stores.

Saltwater anglers can find New 2011 saltwater fishing rods, saltwater fishing reels , saltwater fishing tackle, saltwater fishing gear, saltwater fishing supplies, saltwater fishing accessories, saltwater fishing lures and saltwater fishing equipment from online fishing shops.

Striped bass fishing gear, rock fish lures and saltwater fishing tackle can be located on our saltwater fishing lures page. Including umbrella rigs, bucktails, saltwater shads and saltwater hard baits.

For fly fishing enthusiast check out our fly fishing pages loaded with fly fishing reels, fly fishing rods, fly fishing gear, fly fishing tackle, fly fishing lures, fly fishing supplies, fly fishing accessories, and fly fishing equipment.

NEW Freshwater Fishing Reels and Freshwater Fishing Rods for 2011.

Check out our new live fishing bait page to buy live fishing worms online.

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Bass Fishing Tackle For Sale Online.

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Thank you for checking out Flatbellies Fishing Lures home page! The main focus of our website is Largemouth Bass fishing. With Striped Bass fishing a close second. However you can also find fishing lures and fishing tackle for most other species of fish as well. Freshwater fishing tackle and saltwater fishing tackle have been broken down into seperate catagories. ***Shopping Directory: Thank you for shopping our pages*** (New Merchants and Pages Added Often)

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Go fishing in comfort in 2013! Check out these cool new fishing shoes and be shore to scope out their bass fishing contingency program to earn extra cash for your next tournament win.

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Fishing Tackle For Bass Fishing Including Bass Fishing Rods, Bass Fishing Reels And Bass Fishing Lures
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Buy your saltwater fishing supply at C & K Saltwater Fishing Tackle!Inshore fishing tackle: Striper lures, umbrella rigs, flounder rigs, tandem rigs, parachute jigs, bucktails, sinkers, plastic shads, teaser tails, teaser shads, trolling spoons. Offshore fishing tackle : Squid bodies, daisy chains, aluminum tuna plugs and more at C & K Saltwater Fishing Tackle.
Shore Tackle & Custom Rods Custom built saltwater rods and fishing tackle specific to the Chesapeake Bay region.

Enter the Bass Fishing USA tip of the week contest for your chance to win free bass fishing lures.

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Find umbrella rig replacement shad bodies online at C & K Saltwater Fishing Tackle.
Attention Maryland bass fishermen custom bass fishing rods for sale located in Kent Island, Maryland.

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