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Bass Fishing Jigs
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Bass Stalker Baits

Bass Stalker Jigs: Bass Stalker Jigs have a unique cupped center that makes for an enticing, slow, natural fall. That’s when bass hit – on the fall – and more and more fish are falling for this incredible jig. Stands proud and tall on the bottom, too, for easier pick-ups. Several colors and styles to cover everything from deep grass to deep rocks. More time in the strike zone means more strikes. And a whole lot more bass. Buy Bass Stalker Jigs Online
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Original Bass Stalker Jigs (DISCONTINUED / ON SALE): The Original Bass Stalker jig has a unique custom engineered concave head that allows for a much more natural presentation. The concave head also allows the jig to stand upright once in contact with the bottom mimicking the defensive stand of a crawfish. This special design will allow you to fish Bass Stalker Jigs super slow. Bass Stalker Jigs are built in the USA with only the finest components, including Mustad "Ultra Point" hooks and custom silicone skirts with snap-in rattle collars. All Bass Stalker Jigs come with our custom rattle band built right into the silicone skirt. This allows you to use these unique rattles. This design allows you to customize the amount of rattle you desire based on the conditions you are fishing.Buy Original Bass Stalker Jigs Online
Buy this ProductDavis Paca Bug Football Jig
Designed to match colors on the Netbait paca chunk. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductBerkley Jay's Flippin Jigs
The all NEW Berkley Jay's Flippin Jigs triple coned, double barbed bait keepers grip trailers securely, even Berkley Gulp!. The brass tube rattle is louder with more vibration! Ideal for stained water! The heavy wire, extra sharp hooks are ideal for pulling really big fish out of really nasty, heavy cover. Comes with 1 jig, an extra skirt and 2 PowerBait 3" Chigger Chunk Trailers. Click to Buy
Buy this ProductAsakura Pacemaker Flippin' Jig
The new "PACEMAKER" flippin' jig from Asakura baits is unlike any other jig you have ever fished. From it's concave belly " stand-up" style head, to the custom blended skirt patterns this jig was built for one purpose, catching fish! The "PACEMAKER" dominates as a flippin' jig, however, this jig also excels at skipping under boat docks, and dragging along deep structure similar to a football style jig. When you see the "PACEMAKER" for the first time you will notice the concave belly. This feature gives the jig it's uncanny ability to stand up when at rest on the bottom, giving your presentation the natural defensive posture of a crawfish. This feature of the jig also helps transmit bottom composition back to the angler. You will also notice the deep cut grooves on the sides of the bait. This moves more water, helping fish in stained to murky water find the bait. The "PACEMAKER" is also designed with a recessed line tie for fewer snags and to help the bait come thru vegetation cleanly. All of these features combined with a high gloss chip-resistant finish, needle sharp Mustad Ultra Point black nickle hook, a large molded in trailer keeper, and over 20 proven custom blended skirt patterns, add up to one of the best all around bass jigs you will ever tie a line to. Click to Buy
Buy this ProductDavis Wood Jig
The Davis Jig was designed by William Davis to meet the needs of all fisherman.

This jig features:

  • Chip Resistant Paint Finish
  • Lift-like Silicone Skirt
  • Mustad Ultra Point Hook Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductTerminator Football Jig
    Extensive field testing proved this unique head design to be plenty snagproof. It also forces the hook to stand up on a 30 degree angle when pulled across the bottom. This allows the trailer to swim more freely and also improves hook-ups. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductTerminator Finesse Jig
    Not only is the Finesse Jig compact in size, but it arguably looks more realistic than any jig on the market, thanks to each strand of silicone on its AirAliveTM skirt. Designed with tiny serrations to trap air, and complete with the endlessly-tested, flawless Titanium Weedguard, the Finesse Jig literally looks alive. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductStrike King Tour Grade Football Jigs
    The Tour Grade football jig is the ultimate jig for deep water fishing. The wide football shaped head gives better fell and helps the bait stand-up on the bottom. The flat eye line tie helps keep the line knot and jig in the proper position and the extra sharp Gamakatsu 60 degree round bend hook aids in hook sets. It also features durable powder coated paint, color cordinated weedguards and premium skirts for lifelike look and action. Click to Buy

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