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Top Water Baits
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Buy this ProductRapala X-Rap Prop Bait
The X-Rap Prop marks the X-Rap families entrance into this productive category. Stainless Steel Props create X-size noise and splash, while counter-rotating design stabilize and keep you on a straight track back. This is a top-water lure which is 4 3/8" in length and 3/8oz in weight.


  • Stainless Steel Propellers
  • Counter-Rotating Design Tracks Straight
  • Internal Long Cast System
  • 3D Holographic Eye
  • VMC Black Nickel Hooks
  • Flash Feather Teaser Tail
  • X-Style Finish Click to Buy NEW 2011 - 2012
  • Buy this ProductRapala X-Rap Pop Bait
    Big poppin'. Big splashin'. Big bassin'. The X-Rap Pop brings X-Rap Attitude to topwater. Arched body shape sets lure up for a large kerplunk-pop and splash with every snap, even the slightest tug and the X-Pop comes to life. This is a top water lure which is 2 3/4" in length and 3/8oz in weight.


  • Deep Cupped Lip
  • Loud Pop and Splash
  • Internal Long Cast System
  • 3D Holographic Eye
  • VMC Black Nickel Hooks
  • Flash Feather Teaser Tail
  • X-Style Finish Click to Buy NEW 2011 - 2012
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    Buy this ProductBooyah Bi-You Buzz
    Running side-by-side like twin outboards, counter-rotating blades create unparalleled stability and a buzzbait that finds the surface quickly and stays in position, whether fished at a snail’s pace or burned. A unique triangle-shaped head, intricately hand painted with scale patterns and eyes, helps the Bi-YouTM Buzz reach the surface quickly and cut through cover, while the adjustable counter rotating-blades rotate freely or can be squeezed together to create a clacker style buzz bait. The Bi-You Buzz features the LeverageTM patented flexible hook system which prevents fish from throwing the bait. 3/8 OZ, 4/0 HOOK Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductWarrior Baits Warpath Buzzbait
    This is the last Buzzbait you will ever need! Guaranteed to be the slowest Buzzbait on the planet with it's unique design that surfaces quicker than any other and on the retrieve runs slower than any in it's class! Available in one size - 3/8oz, 4/0 hook. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductStrike King Wake Shad
    Waking” – reeling a lure slowly on the surface so it leaves a wake is a great technique for getting big fish. The Wake Shad™ is the best & easiest to use“Wake Bait” ever made! Great for big bass, stripers, musky, pike, peacock bass and is a great companion to the Strike King King Shad which can dive about 4’-5’ deep. Click to Buy
    Buy this ProductDeps Realiser
    The Realiser is a lure that defies categorization. It was originally conceived on the shores of Japan's Lake Biwa, where outsized bass feed on abundant bluegills. The Realiser presents a natural prey profile and subtle rolling action with no rattles to alert wary bass that it may be artificial.

    It can be fished super fast to locate bass quickly or dead slow to entice wary fish. The one of a kind round tapered lip, combined with a slender profile, allow the bait to dive up to 5 feet. When paused it will slowly rise above a weedline toward the surface to mimic a feeding preyfish, so killing the retrieve will often trigger brutal strikes.

    The Realiser is made with a holographic base and features a super fine detailed body and a feathered hook.

  • Fullsize: 4.5" long, 1.8 oz
  • Junior: 2.8" long, 1.5 oz Click to Buy

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