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Buy this ProductDamiki Tokon 90 Series Minnow
Straight form the Japanese Market to you! We have brought the Tokon Minnow, one of our best selling baits on the Japanese market. This slow floating silent jerkbait has a hand tied feather hook, incredible detail in the gills and scales, along with a high quality paint job. Click to Buy
NEW 2011 - 2012
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Buy this ProductRapala X-Rap Deep Series
This lure is diving deep, way down deep. With a new lip design this X-Rap has a running depth of 6 to 15 feet, perfect for casting and trolling. This bad boy diver will have you pulling in lunkers one after another. Tie on any of the 13 color patterns and go deep, but be prepared to hold on.

  • XRD08: 3 1/8", 1/4 oz, Running Depth: 5'-10, Technique: Casting & Trolling.

  • XRD10: 4", 7/16 oz, Running Depth: 6'-15', Technique: Casting & Trolling. Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductStrike King Kevin VanDam Wild Shiner
    Over three years in the making, these are the best performing "jerk baits" on the market! Countless hours spent by Strike King's lure design team and Kevin VanDam have produced a jerkbait:
    • Designed with the perfect combination of flash, wiggle, and erratic side to side movement
    • Designed for increased casting distance
    • Designed for reaching greater depths
    • Available in floater/diver and suspending models
    "I spent countless hours working with the lure designers to get this new Wild Shiner just right. It truly is awesome and is my favorite jerk bait on the market. The rest of the Strike King pro staff and many other touring pros are becoming infatuated with this lure. We are continually receiving stories of great catches on them." Kevin VanDam

    Model: HCWSF Floating: Size: 5-1/2", 1/2 oz
    Model: HCWSS Suspending: Size: 5", 5/8 oz. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductRapala Minnow Rap
    The Minnow Rap combines the legendary Shad Rap action with a tight wobbling action in a minnow profile. Constructed out of balsa, the Minnow Rap’s action is tighter and displays unique performance techniques that make this minnow-shaped lure one-of-a-kind.

    The Minnow Rap also features the new Bleeding Color Pattern that is sure to stop any species of fish dead in its tracks. Specially patterned with bleeding gills, red deep-diving lip and VMC® red hooks, the Bleeding Color Pattern provides the ultimate in “wounded-minnow” action.

    “The Bleeding Pattern, combined with the Shad Rap action and minnow profile, make the Minnow Rap the ideal lure for cold water, clear water and when fishing is at its toughest,” said Mark Fisher, Rapala director of field promotions.

    The Minnow Rap is perfect for trolling and casting. On the troll the Minnow Rap runs at 12 feet, and at seven feet on the cast. Eight classic patterns feature a clear deep-diving lip and VMC black nickel hooks.

  • MR09: 3 1/2", 5/16 oz, Two No.3 Treble Hooks

  • MR07: 2 3/4", 3/16 oz, Two No.5 Treble Hooks

  • MR11: 4 3/8", 3/8 oz, Two No.3 Treble Hooks Click to Buy

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